My crystal bowl session with Michaela was a deeply healing experience. I was immediately drawn in first by her artistry and the unique manner in which she plays them. As the session continued, and the deeper tones began to penetrate, I simply dissolved…

That night, I was awakened, and enjoyed a profound contact with Spirit in which I was brought into a state of deep inner peace. I encourage and recommend her sessions to all, as she brings through a very high caliber vibration and depth. Thank you for this wonderful work you are doing Michaela.

Constance Demby, California, USA, Master Musician Healer Grammy award winner

On the afternoon of Feb. 21 2008 you gave my sister Alaena and I an amazing journey back to Source through your wonderful crystal bowls. Even though I am quite the wordsmith, no words can describe the depth of healing and oneness that afternoon has given me.

Nonetheless, I want you to know how truly gifted a soul you are. Your work is greatly needed around the world.

Tabriz, Musician, Healer USA


The beautiful sounds of Michaela’s crystal bowls took us on a magical journey into another world of love and peace and all things beautiful. It was a very deep and healing experience to be immersed in the very high vibrations of the crystal bowls which were so expertly brought to life under her spell

Faye Townsend, Owner, founder of the Tree House, Holistic centre, Somerset West, Cape Town.

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Michaela’s welcome was warm and inviting and the therapy room bathed in golden sunlight. After a short but thorough consultation with each of us Michaela proceeded to carry out a Sacred Sound Healing Session with the pure tones of the Crystal Bowls which lasted around 40 minutes. It is very difficult to describe in words the experience except to say that it was like being bathed in an all encompassing wave of sound from the 14 bowls being played by Michaela.

The sounds resonated, reverberated and carressed. The effect was profound. My wife and I were so impressed with the results of our session that we organised a sell out group session at our own Therapy Centre in Worcestershire. Several weeks after the session I was still being approached by various of the course participants wanting to share their experiences and on going improvements resulting from the group session.

Michaela, is a very special teacher who gently led us trhough an amazing process. She is warm, caring and totally professional.If you haven’t experienced a Sacred Sound Healing session with Michaela, then you haven’t time to lose! Book it now!

Tony Bailey, Certified SHEN Therapist


Well, I firstly, I was stunned as there were two Alsations (dogs) at the sound healing and I was rather concerned that the “sound” would be unbearable for them. Much to my amazement, they joined the session and both went into such a deep sleep, that it took a while to wake them up afterwards! This convinced me that the bowls could most definitely have a profound effect on anyone who is open to experience it! I was then further impressed when I myself had a deep sleep that night (without a sleeping pill!) and since have slept through every night without one. With all my recent stress, it became a bad habit and I could not sleep without the help of this unhealthy chemical…
I then also had my regular session with a Erwann, a very accomplished integrative body worker, who has been helping me to recover from my frozen shoulder and a recent an acute spasm in my back which would not let up! On Monday at my session with Erwann, he commented that my body was very different and asked what it was that I have released? The spasm in my back was almost gone and he said that I was in general much “lighter” …
I am not sure what and how and if the crystal bowl healing has anything to do with this, but it is certainly possible that it has everything to do with it!. And so… I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity offered with Michaela, a very special person, who is unfortunately going back to the UK soon and we might not have another chance to experience a healing with her for a long time!

Linda Niehaus
Beauty Therapist and Clinic Owner, Cape Town.


I am in awe of your gift you have shared with us. each time I hear the bowls I am impacted greatly in a variety of ways. I consciously attempt to be free of expectation and just listen and each time I’ve been profoundly moved. The first time I heard the bowls : I think it was the first time I have lost awareness of my being, my physical body and been totally formless.

No mind, no thing, no form. I was the sound I became the energy, an incredible experience. The second time, my mind was very active but I had the profound experience of my enormous responsibility, as an energy form, on this planet. I realized, with crystal clarity, that every thought, emotion, utterance, evoked by me had an impact on the planet and that I should act, think and speak, at all times with the utmost integrity and care. A life altering experience has been given to me and I am in deep gratitude to you and your energy and bowls.

Yvette Cherry, School principal, Director of NGO trust and Remedial therapist (Retired) Cape Town and Houston, Texas.

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Michaela’s Crystal Bowl Healing Sessions are amazing! I love the sessions, as I lie down being engulfed by magical sounds and knowing that my body is being healed and cleansed from the inside out. I always feel so vibrant and alive after a session with Michaela. She is a master healer with her bowls and I would recommend it to everyone!

Donna McCallum, the Fairy Godmother, Cape Town 


I just wanted to share my experience after the beautiful workshop…. I was left with a massive sense of forgiveness. It was a great release from stuff that i have been carrying for so long. I look forward to bringing my kids on a Tues eve to share in the magic.

Peter Searll, Business man, Truth seeker, Cape Town

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After only a few seconds of the divine sounds being borne, I knew I was visiting my Home. I was in my nursery in the Stars. This is how it was for me : My perspective was that of me as a baby spirit, lying in my cradle, peacefully looking up at suspended slats of large, translucent crystal wind-chimes which lullabied me and danced with streams of silky, transparent, pale fabrics…

There were no walls or a ceiling, only Space…dark space like the Universe – with no end…It was lit up by the light and love of the sights and sounds that surrounded me, which I immediately recognized to be the spirit, essence and true voice of my Universal Mother/Star Mother/God/Parent. Each pitch of vibrating sound filled my senses and cells – I could feel the All of me just lapping it up…literally being nourished and energised by the blanket of electric rain dripping from the clouds of sparkling, faultless energy which rose from the singing bowls like steam off the early morning seascape. I felt happy.

Emotional. Intrigued. Relieved. Amazed. Grateful. Overjoyed. Loved. In- touch. Cared for. All I could say was ‘I can hear my Universe Mother! This is the sound of her voice singing me a lullaby!
Shomon, Singer-songwriter-musician


When I experienced my first crystal bowl session with Michaela it felt like I had been cleared at the deepest levels and that this cleansing enabled nothing less than a leap in my embodied consciousness to occur. The sound of her playing is for me a mesmerising sound of joy and grace and I never want the sounds to end! Thank you and bless you for your talents and your gentle healing touch. 

Rupert Davis, Photographer

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I had the privilege of being part of a convoy of 3 young boys and 3 mothers to take the Crystal Bowls to the Australian outback. We stayed at an Aboriginal settlement in terrain that was rocky, mountainous and dry as dust. There had been no rain there for over a year.

Around the communal campfire late in the afternoon, we assembled – young and old as well as black and white – to bear witness to the healing of the soul and spirit of that desolate, beautiful land and its peoples. As Michaela began to weave her magic, we settled into our ears and hearts. The crystal clear tones rang out through the limitless landscape like waves on a shore.

We were spellbound – even the children were still and quiet. We were so intent on the sound, that at first we didn’t notice that the tingling feeling on our skin wasn’t just goose pimples from the beauty but it gradually penetrated to our saturated senses that it was starting to rain. As we gently moved the bowls under the cover of an open tin shed, one of the Aboriginal elders said to Michaela, ” You are a very special person. You brought the rain.” Namaste.

Linda Graham McCann, Sydney, Australia

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My first experience of the crystal bowls with Michaela was about 7 years ago and I can only describe it as a deep cleansing. Each time I literally felt parts of my body unblock leaving me in an emotional, yet peaceful state.

I found her softness and nurturing so warm and healing that I had many sessions either singularly or within a group for a long period. I always felt safe and encorouged to share my feelings in the moment and infused by her authenticity. Distance now limits how often I can participate in her sessions but the quality I experience when I do go is consistant and each time is a journey in itself.

Elizabeth Catherine Nichols, Creative artist/ Writer, Author, Nurse, Ware Hertforshire, UK

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Michaela and her crystal Bowls are a wonderful gift to our world community’s sonic, vibratory, resonance. The healing power of the crystal bowls is unlike any musical experience I have been a part of. The love and power that resonates from her bowls is transforming and one can’t help but being drawn into this beautiful vibration and calming reality. I highly recommend her CD for all aspects of human healing.

Sincerely with love,  David Potter aka White Horse

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I want to thank you for the Crystal Bowls healing you did for us while you were in Australia. Although sceptical at first I found the experience very profound ; It put me in a beautiful space and gave me great mental clarity, it was truly amazing.

Janine Northover, Adelaide, Australia

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