Crystal Bowls Sound Healing - Rainbow Peace Medicine

Crystal sound healing is an remarkable tool for healing and awakening. I work with 13 quartz singing bowls. Clear quartz crystal is an extraordinary substance that holds the vibration of pure white light. It amplifies, purifies and harmonises.

Individual and Group Crystal Bowls Sound Healing Sessions.
Mentorship programmes on how to work with sound, especially crystal bowls sound
(I have 20 years experience in this)

The light/sound vibration refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on the chakras when played. The sound brings about a positive shift in consciousness. It literally changes our vibration so that we glow with increased health and radiate frequencies of greater light. There is a sense of inner peace and attitudes of joy, love, surrender and gratitude are awakened. I have programmed the crystal bowls to amplify each listeners self healing ability, to purify, cleanse and heal. I have tuned them to awaken consciousness moving us towards the state of unconditional love, oneness and peace; ultimately, to be our true radiant selves as conscious beings of light and love. The tone increases clarity, harmony and purpose. The vibrations ripple outwards creating an atmosphere of harmony and peace…

I recommend coming to more than one session as the effects are cumulative.

'All Sound encompasses all the sound frequencies in nature.  As I developed these sound techniques through my own practice and taught them to my patients, I came to the startling realization that I could help them achieve in only a few session,s shifts in perspective that normally took a year or two to accomplish with relaxation techniques that did not include sound. Here were people undergoing the rigors of cancer treatment, who were nevertheless able to focus on a creative and joyous process that removed them from the relentless anticipation of physical pain and emotional distress…they were literally finding their ―own song to sing‖…in the midst of gruelling medical treatments.' Dr Mitchell Gaynor -oncologist


Working with sound, especially crystal sound,
there are many gifts.

  The pure sound of crystal bowls
inspires attunement to exceptionally

 high frequencies of light and love.

Sound is really shamanic and helps us remember our true nature as multi-dimensional, infinite beings.  Sound can fast track and speed up transformation and change.  Listening to sacred crystal sound, people achieve a deep state of peace very quickly.  The pure crystal sound is a wonderful tool which purifies and is deeply cleansing at every level.  It amplifies our intentions and prayers . The sound is extremely calming and brings us to a state of deep peace.  It is an opportunity for deep healing, inspiration, relaxation and recuperation. The 13 crystal bowls have been played at many sacred sites around the world. 

 On Earth right now, the Magdalen energies,
the Sacred Feminine is arising,
and with that the Green man,
Sacred Masculine is also returning. 

Nature is communicating with us more and more, as we still our minds and learn to listen to the gentle whispers and fragrances of truth.  There is a  pristine luminous Flower-Tree-Chalice of light- the unseen, fine gossamer gentle-healing matrix guiding goodness. 

As we Forgive the unforgivable,
  extend our hearts to the outcast, outsider,
within and without,
we move from Loneliness to Belonging.

Healing trauma, where our ‘trauma’ becomes an Offering/Redemption for others on the path as well as us. 
The scars/ cracks/ breaks/ the places that let in much LIGHT-LOVE-BEAUTY,  healing separation and activating our deepest compassion.  Then we become Leaders/ Sacred Activists bringing through the new with compassionate actions.

People get sick because so often emotions are not allowed.
Emotions are what heal us when we allow them and bring them into the light.




For too long we have suppressed out feelings, and our voices and as a result, there is extreme over- consuming, fighting, violence, war, over-building, demeaning of women, squashing of vulnerabilities and ravaging of our planet.  
 Now as the feminine rises up, the huge momentum of this can begin to turn, also supporting the healthy masculine to also arise within and without.
We need Hope, Magic and Miracles and Yes it may be too late, but in this moment (which is actually eternal) let's try and lets be


I am working with consciousness and balancing our masculine and feminine within.


As well as Individual and Group Crystal
Bowls Sound Healing Sessions.

I teach others how to work with sound.

The sound from crystal bowls is especially pure, intense and powerful and needs to be understood, valued and respected.  I work in sacred ceremonies and support others in learning this with ease, grace and simplicity. 
There is an wonderful  power in sound healing, in quickly changing the field and raising vibration and thus creating lasting positive change  in our world.  It is an incredible gentle yet powerful tool that can be really utilised to support our planetary birthing into the new, with as much ease and grace that is possible given the challenging times we are now living in. 

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