Personalised healing weekends and retreats in the magical, luminous part of the south of France where I live.
An opportunity for deep healing and a life-changing experience.  

Healing Weekends of Delights.
Sharing, sistering, tending and pampering, story-telling, music, dance. Restoring 'joie de vivre" - equilibrium, poise and balance.
A place where we support our hearts, spirit, soul-body & mind - our well being.

With healthy organic home-cooked vegetarian food -with radical and gentle participation please.

Women's temple space and sanctuary.
Yoga - gentle embodied feminine practice, supporting rejuvenation and recuperation. Radical self-love, radical body love.
We will visit local sacred sites and have time with trees, rivers and waterfalls - communing with luminous pristine nature. Tuning in. Being in the wild beauty of nature, which heals us. 

With crystal sound healing, homeopathy, breath work and gentle dance.
For individuals or small groups and tailor-made according to your specific needs.


Cost per person for 3 nights



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