Heal Your Life - 10 session program
Life and health coaching.

Embrace life and feel vibrant. Become Happy, Healthy and Whole.
An opportunity to become healthy, embody your passion and your purpose.
Do you sense MORE is possible?  Do you wish to make a difference in the world?  The world needs you healthy and shining your light now more than ever.  It is a joy when we can truly be our authentic selves and fully offer our gifts to the world.
Do you have a health issue you would like help with ?
Do you ever feel stuck, depressed, despairing, irritable,  anxious or overwhelmed?
Do you truly value yourself and your place in the world?
Do you find it difficult to really love yourself?  Do you feel you could be healthier but get overwhelmed with too much information and too many choices?
Have you suffered a serious trauma in your past, that you can’t quite seem to shake off ?
Do you want to move forward and be more of who you can be ?

When our vibration is high, we live more in the flow with a sense of possibility and peace.  In this program we will create a partnership that will help you improve and maintain your health and vitality and achieve a sense of well-being.  It will help with releasing stress, anxiety, heartbreak and any deep-seated trauma, powerfully and effectively. It will help you learn and maintain healthy eating and healthy life-style habits. You will also learn simple fast track ways to meditate and maintain inner peace.

The 'Heal Your Life Program' 10 sessions, life and health coaching, is tailor-made for you and your unique needs.  In practice it follows its own rhythm and pattern and is different for everyone. Here is a basic example of 10 sessions.

Session One
Coaching. Visioning.
Your gifts, goals, dreams and visions. Identifying the obstacles and challenges to living your highest potential and having radiant health. Working with intentions and empowering truth statements. Discovering your life purpose, the deeper meaning of your life lessons and what makes your heart sing.

Session Two
Homeopathic consultation
– Deep listening and receiving of your story; your whole history of health; your symptoms, major life events, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will be recommended homeopathic remedies that greatly assist healing, growth and spiritual evolution.

Session Three
Crystal sound healing relaxation session
to raise your vibration and release stress, anxiety and tension. Using the healing power of sound, voice and intention.

Session Four
Conscious breath-work
 Working with powerful affirmations and Mantras. Releasing resentment, anger, pain, hurt and the past.  

Session Five
Releasing limiting beliefs.
Using various clearing techniques such as EFT (Emotional freedom technique, a powerful tapping of points on the body that releases trauma) Conscious breath-work, meditation, prayer and mindfulness practice. Guided visualisation using all the senses to anchor light, health and peace.  Cultivating simple daily/weekly practices to maintain your health.. 

Session Six
Healthy holistic life style basics. Food, Exercise, Sleep, Water, and presence. Time-management. Simplicity. Making sense of much of the alternative health information and different modalities available and staying focused. Learning about the body as an energy system and your own innate healing abilities. Evaluation and fine-tuning. Pre-yoga and yoga exercises. Heart-awareness.practice

Session Seven
Homeopathy follow-up consultation. Deep listening to your body, heart, mind and spirit. What successes, what obstacles to staying on track. Honing your daily/weekly practice. 

Session Eight
Crystal sound and voice healing Facing any issues that are arising.. Introduction to the skills of non- violent communication (NVC) Anchoring more deeply your connection to inner peace, balance and centredness;, connection to Source and sustaining it. 

Session Nine
Integration, bringing in what's needed  Listening to your inner guidance and vision. Next steps - maintaining healthy life-style. The body loves to heal, allowing the process.  Using the most appropriate tools. Becoming more of who you really are, your best self.  Being the change you wish to see in the world, inspiring yourself.

Session Ten
Completion, Overview, Celebration.
  Honouring yourself as a Sacred Blossoming being.  What will serve you the most in maintaining and staying vibrant?  Opportunity to join a wider support group?  What is your offering to the world?

What’s my investment ?
Your investment for this Transformational Life Health Coaching Program is just € 600.00  in person or over Skype.