What do we do when the Earth is 'burning'?

And by this I mean as we hear the news reports of desperate suffering, such as militant extremists taking over northern Iraq, images of innocent children suffering in various war zones, the Ebola virus outbreak or severe water problems – from droughts to flooding, to name but a few. The human global field or collective is deeply stirred. It can be very easy to become desperate, depressed, overwhelmed and even suicidal.

At this time, it is crucial to maintain our own inner balance, peace and well being, rather than letting our own health become depleted.  Of course we care and some of us may be profoundly disturbed by what is going on around us.  Sometimes this is easier said than done and if we need support or professional help in maintaining our own well-being, we must make sure we get it and reach out to others during our difficult times.

Remembering hugs, smiles and laughter.
Remembering the tools we have, meditation, taking a walk in nature, dancing, singing, doing art,  watching funny films, surrounding ourselves in beauty, yoga and breath-work etc.  All these contribute to maintaining happiness, wellness and whole body-mind health.
Remembering also to take care of eating well and sleeping well.

From a state of balance, wellness and calm we then can really contribute to others, friends, neighbours, strangers in the street-  contributing to increased planetary harmony bringing more Peace to the world


Of course the upside of the constant media exposure and our increased connectivity with worldwide internet is that previously hidden sufferings are now being exposed. Knowing about these crises is creating in the hearts of millions of people, a stronger distaste than ever for war. (A deeper reality check of the consequences.)
More people than ever are reaching out with sincere compassion and care to those suffering throughout the globe. This increasing collective compassion is creating a higher-vibrational momentum that can bring about future peaceful resolutions and actions that focus on the highest good for the whole.
There is also a huge increased sharing of transformational consciousness information and work via the internet, which is helping  to vastly accelerate human consciousness and the possibility of human evolution,  although it may not always appear so when we just look at news and world-wide catastrophic events.

Peace is the way

Consciousness is a fundamental field, the field at the heart of creation beyond the subject- object split which is transcendent. Where consciousness exists at that level of spacetime beyond Planck’s scale of  spacetime, (the quantum science of which my brain does not intellectually understand) everything is inseparably ONE.
As together we access increased consciousness and Peace, we create a tipping point where there is the possibility of a phase transition, reaching critical mass for humanity.  A tipping point where suddenly nothing is the same any more. Like when the Berlin wall fell , when water boils and becomes gaseous steam, when plants evolved into flowers, when some reptiles developed wings and became birds that could fly, when single-celled organisms in stagnant pools became multi-cellular.
As Barbara Marx Hubbard puts it, “Our crisis is our Birth.” It really helps when we recognise and understand that, then we can move forward with a sense of vision and infinite possibility.


When a woman is in labour giving Birth, the transition phase of the labour is the most critical, intense, painful and most prone to risk.
Our Earth, our world, is in transition now and we do not know how it will unfold or how long it will take. We are shifting towards ways of living that are based on love and cooperation and away from the old ways based on power over and domination.
The more love and awareness of the conscious evolution of humanity and life around us, the better we can assist and birth huge beautiful miraculous possibilities.
Charles Eisenstein’s inspirational and thought-provoking book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, serves as an empowering antidote to the cynicism, frustration, paralysis, and overwhelm so many of us are feeling, replacing it with a grounding reminder of what’s true: we are all connected, and our small, personal choices bear unsuspected transformational power.
See http://charleseisenstein.net/project/the-more-beautiful-world-our-hearts-know-is-possible/ 

Joanna Macy calls this time,” the great Turning.”

The renowned cosmologist Thomas Berry’s vision was for us as humans to see everything in the bigger context of the universe.
“The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.
Our love and reverence for nature and all living beings connects us and heals us.

Healing of the Heart - Heartmath

Over 20 years ago, Doc Childre founded HeartMath. His vision was to create solutions that would help people connect more deeply with their hearts, that would help reduce stress and assist individuals in creating deeper, richer connections with others and increase their quality of life. 
(See http://www.heartmath.org/)

The HeartMath institute has carried out an enormous amount of rigorous scientific research on the human heart, emotional physiology, heart-brain interactions and the physiology of optimal health and performance. The importance and power of our heart is now being recognised.

Stress causes a higher heart rate variability (HRV), which is associated with decreased coherence in our brainwave patterns. The hemispheres in our brain can either work in harmony with our heart or not. The electromagnetic field generated by the human heart is 50 times stronger than that generated by the brain. When heart and brain are coherent our stress levels are greatly reduced



Some heart facts, courtesy of HeartMath.
The source of the heart beat is in the heart, not the brain. When surgeons do a heart transplant, they cannot reconnect the heart and brain; the heart beats on its own.
The electrical impulse of each heart beat can be measured 3 to 4 feet from the body.
The electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, and permeates every cell in the body.
The heart sends more information to the brain, than the brain does to the heart.
Different people’s (and even animal’s) heart cells, will beat in unison in a petrie dish. Different people’s brain cells in a petrie dish will not communicate with each other and die.

Out of the work of HeartMath, the Global Coherence Initiative was created.  
The Global Coherence initiative  is a co-creative, science-based project, to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.  It is designed to help individuals and groups work together, synchronistically and strategically to increase the impact of their efforts to create positive global change.
The goals of the Global coherence initiative are together
* to increase personal coherence for the benefit of ourselves and the planet.
* to help shift the planetary consciousness base line from self-centeredness to wholeness care for everyone.
* to increase connection and social harmony.
* to empower our ability to navigate through global changes with less stress and more ease.
* to empower environmental responsibility and stewardship of the planet.

There is enormous power in our collective intentions and prayers, whether we actively join the global coherence initiative or not, (and there are so many different ways of doing this around the world today) we can choose to be bringers of harmony, light, solutions and love to our world.  And remember it is most empowering to join with others rather than try alone.

We are infinite sacred beings with vast potential.  There is much joy, harmony and peace available for us now in the NOW.  That is why I love working with crystal bowls sound as it really supports us in activating our light and remembering our true nature, our sacred I AM presence. My intention as  an integrative medicine and sound practitioner is to create circles of peace and healing raising people’s vibration around the world and to empower the re-greening and healing of our Earth.

What are we creating?

As human beings we are creating all the time.  Our brains produce as many as 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day, some estimates run as high as 60,000 per day. The truth is we have a lot of thoughts every day. Very often we are not conscious of our thoughts and there may be thoughts underneath the thoughts. The more we become present to, who or what we wish to be and create, the more we can have mastery over the negative, busy, monkey-mind, worrying kind of thoughts.

The problem with news and media, our incredible  creating power as humans is not recognised and the negative attention and emotions brought to a situation may actually contribute to creating more breakdown and drama. Often news-reports present facts in a way that does not necessarily bring reverence or respect to the people and situations. Unfortunately news can end up being a kind of unpleasant entertainment where we stay in a place of deep despair, powerlessness and complaint about the terrible state of the world.
Many of us now limit the amount of watching/ listening to the news that we do, so that we stay present and in balance, then being part of  creative solutions and LOVE that is being birthed. Consciously shining our love, light, prayers and goodwill really does make a positive difference.

Re-greening the inner and outer landscape. Inner peace.  Re-connecting with nature. Growing green again.

“For us to be in harmony with ourselves, and with Life, we have to be able to be still. To be silent. To hold ourselves in the place of deep knowing, so we can hear the wisdom in our bones, the song of the earth, and that when we do this, all actions arise from that rightness. In our culture, we are so caught up in doing, in achieving, that we forget to listen, really listen, to that wise old crone within, with roots going into the earth.” Gigi Amazonia

“The intention for community imparts hope to us during our lives and illustrates our individual places in the tapestry of all things. Because we are
all connected spiritually and physically, we feel each other’s pain and we are responsible for each other’s suffering and well-being. Only by understanding
and embracing this interconnectedness as a species can we fully care for each other and move forward into a future our children will want to inherit. ” John Perkins.


This is indigenous wisdom, ancient peoples know this and in our deepest heart’s, our inner wise selves know this truth.
Being in nature  and loving nature helps us to heal our inner and outer landscapes.

I am thinking of lush green vistas, the majesty of forests, the precious shining eyes of a cat, the glisten and shine of light on the whispering leaves in the trees,  the power and beauty of the blue ocean, looking closely at a blade of grass, the magnificent smile simply looking closely at a daisy, fruit growing, hearing the sound of passing bees, spiders web’s like rainbow mandalas in the sunlight. Looking out at the night sky – we see infinity and great mystery.


All this is the infinity of nature, and what is inherent in nature is beauty.

What do we do when the Earth is 'burning'?