State of Emerge… ency

I believe we each have our part to play and how much and how easy or difficult this is depends on each one of us stepping up into being the best we can be, in becoming our true authentic selves. Stepping into our greatness and allowing our lights to shine. Making a stand for our Earth. our people and all living beings. Some things happening on this planet are too bad to be true and yet they are true. It’s time for us to do what we are called to do, no matter how big or small. Doing what’s in front of us as our part of our connecting and contributing. As we human beings become more clear and true there is no need for secrets- our auras or electro magnetic fields become more vibrant, powerful and crystal clear as we shine and we in turn add light to the collective field and empower others to shine.

This is the hardest time to live, but it is also the greatest honor to be alive now, and to be allowed to see this time. There is no other time like now. We should be thankful, for creation did not make weak spirits to live during this time. The old ones say ‘this is the time when the strongest spirits will live through and those who are empty shells, those who have lost the connection will not survive.’ We have become masters of survival -we will survive- it is our prophecy to do so. Humanity must shift from living “on” the earth, to living with her.”- Tiokasin Ghosthorse  from : Walking the Red Road FB

And Yes life is always unpredictable and is indeed a miracle and ongoing adventure, Coming back to NOW, breathing and be grateful for all we have and connecting with that inner smile can bring us back to peace.

And there are some days when it IS hard and we must continue calling on all our commitment and intentions to stay with it and keep showing up.  I had such a day on Tuesday. My heart and whole chest area felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest- the ache was so great.  I didn’t know what or why I breathed and sighed and tried to get still. I was worried wondering about a friend’s safety. I have felt this often and deeply in the presence of some people living in extreme poverty and despair I have witnessed being here in South Africa. I feel this somewhat when I feel my children far away and wonder when I will see them next.

I took some time out and walked by the ocean. Hout bay is spectacularly beautiful. As I walked the beach being with the huge ocean my energy field expanded and I felt my heart become huge again and the ache start to soften and release as I felt my self expand.

I found out later that a dear friends brother had died tragically in New Zealand.  I am empath and know that learning to ride deep and intense feelings is part of my challenge and gift. I suspect I was tuning in to her anguish. We are all connected, we are all one and our true nature is joy that is why it hurts when we are disconnected or connect to another’s pain. The more ALL is allowed, the more we return to flow and this basic truth of being Love. Redemption and Forgiveness are keys- will write more later on this my first blog now Love, light and blessings to all.

State of Emerge… ency