Some musings on living almost 3 years in Cape Town

Friday, September 21, 2012

When I think of my time in South Africa, much of it has been challenging, exciting and also a marvelous adventure. I have witnessed at close hand enormous suffering and extreme poverty. I have met some wonderful and generous people. Like the dear friend who funded me 5 classes of  kundalini yoga when I was exhausted and didn’t have any excess cash. Then I became hooked and have been doing it twice a week ever since, as part of my self care practice. I love the sacred music and mantras- they inspire and move me.

My first impressions of Cape Town that I had was that it is an extraordinarily beautiful city. It is surrounded by spectacular mountains and sea. Table mountain is a huge monolith of crystal and the energy it emits is huge- a true splendid wonder of the world.. The light and the scenery everywhere is exquisite, bight and vibrant.  When you drive from the airport to Cape Town you pass many informal settlements or townships, endless cities of shacks in very dilapidated conditions, many lacking even basic amenities.

Then the world of beautiful houses and apartments. In this world there are many lovely restaurants, cafes and shops. In many ways apartheid really does still exist. The different communities are living parallel lives side by side but not mixing that much yet. In Cape Town many people living in the townships work as waiters, cleaners, builders, domestics, maids, servicing the more privileged world as well as being car guards and security guards. (In other parts of the country this distinction is far less apparent)  It’s uncomfortable to say the least but not so easy to change as nowadays many living in the more privileged parts are also struggling to make ends meet but at a much higher level than the extreme poverty and utter destitution so prevalent in the poorer areas.

I’ve been repeatedly told, “Africa is not for sissies ” and I guess that really is so. I noticed this was usually said to me when I had an emotional reaction to some of the extreme poverty. Gandhi said poverty is the worst form of violence and living close to it I see how much this is true and how it erodes a culture and people’s self esteem. It fuels despair and crime which seems to reinforce many of the walls and divisions that were built up. In spite of this there is also enormous warmth, connecting  and many stories of hope and renewal. Again I really see how interconnected the whole world is – so many of the issues and challenges of Africa arising out of the karma of the whole world- slavery, colonialism, apartheid, exploitation and pillaging of lands and peoples as commodities. And this has happened in differing ways all around the world. Really arising from the dark corners of our own hearts and those of our ancestors; the outer reflecting the inner.

Our experience of trying to establish our breakthrough treatment for HIV has been frustrating and a lot of uphill slog against much opposition and many obstacles such as apathy, corruption, rigid infra-structures and politics.
 It’s been very sad to see how hidden this holocaust of HIV is from the more privileged communities. In rural areas infection rate can almost be as high as 80% and the suffering is immense. I’m really hoping and praying we can take this to the next level very soon with some proper funding. Clive Harvey Fox was holding the HIVEX treatment with very little help for almost 2 years, treating over  1400 people in Durban, without any funding. He witnessed many miracles; one such miracle was Betty from Kenya who had been given up to die and wasn’t expected to live. After treatment she is robust and full of life and wants to take it to Kenya. There is footage of her being interviewed coming up soon on You tube.  Now every day people are calling asking to be treated but without a proper infra structure and foundation it is not possible to continue. We want to have staff, support, proper clinical trials and enough to be able to monitor and follow through effectively. We are not giving up – it’s too important for that. Please do contact me if you’d like more information or like to help this further. As I become more successful in my own healing work I hope to organize some big fund raising events and really help make this treatment available to the world starting with children in Africa.
I love doing my holistic healing work, sound healing and homeopathy here. I see how connected everyone is and how much everyone cares although a key emotion here seems to me to be OVERWHELM or suppressed overwhelm.  Perhaps that may be a big emotion of the whole planet during this time of great changes and transitions but I definitely see it very much in Africa.
 I think of the vision and leadership of Dr Martin Luther King, from his, “I have a dream”, speech delivered August 28th, 1963  
“I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations. Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail cells. Some of you have come from areas where your quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive.” 
These words were uttered many years ago by this incredible visionary leader, who tragically died so young. His life and words are still a powerful inspiration and as important today as they ever were.

I believe we are all being called to become the leaders we can be in our own ways big and small and to work together.


At the moment of the great awakening, we shall see the emergence of humanity into a world of Oneness and the ultimate merging of heaven and earth-a truly joyful vision. But getting there is a big challenge.  Holding that vision when everything is breaking down is difficult, especially if we have not practiced it in our lives beforehand.
That’s why I love my work with the crystal sound so much. It really does create a still- point, a cutting through our busy mind surface craziness and brings us into a place of peace and remembering our possibility to be great and why we are actually here.

The White Lions

One very powerful experiences for me in South Africa was spending a week in July at the Global White Lion Sanctuary, in Timbavati, Limpopo on the Nile meridian in the heart of very sacred land, ( I was part of the White lion leadership academy led by Linda Tucker and Andrew Harvey  ( It was such a deep, powerful and rich experience. I highly recommend Linda Tucker’s book, Mystery of the White Lions, Children of the Sun God. This is Linda’s first hand account of her journey into the mysteries of the most sacred animal, the legendary White Lion. This book reveals the knowledge and ceremonies of old Africa. The White Lions are in Linda’s words, ” carriers and transmitters of a revelation crucial to humanity and nature”
The beauty of these incredible animals leaves one without adequate words to describe. It was as if they walk in slow motion, embodying pure grace and fierce compassion.
The words of St Francis of Assisi come to mind,

Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.



We went out in open vehicles at dawn and dusk, to view the animals in their own territory, whether we got to actually see them and whether they engaged with the group was up to them .We were asked to take no photographs. The vibratory field around the lions is so high and holy. When we are in nature and communing with Blessed mother Earth, there is so often a part of us that takes rather than gives back, taking a photo can be more of that. It was helpful to just be present and appreciate their magnificence and deepen into profound respect and gratitude.

In our encounters with the white Lions, many times at close quarters, they did gaze at us. We kept our eyes soft and remained very still. We were advised never to stare at the Lions, that is seen as a threat. Trying to out stare a Lion is never a good idea!  We were told to  gently and slowly blink our eyes.  As I practiced this, it was  as though my eyelids were bowing, yielding, offering up and acknowledging the great gift of their presence and transmissions to us. On several occasions I had the experience with my eyes closed of being bathed in the purest glowing sunlight, of deeply connecting to the solar logos. I feel incredibly privileged to have experienced this pure grace.
On our last encounter with the lions we were so blessed by 2 brother lions, Regeus and Letaba who gave us  an incredible immersion in their sacred ROARS.  They came very close to our open jeep and one at each end of the vehicle like bookends.. Their roars lasted for what seemed like an eternity, probably half an hour. and it felt like a Benediction, like falling into the arms of the sun. The reverberations  keep coming back tome even now, washing me in waves of grace and I am still integrating the whole experience.

 In the Egyptian language, the word  “Maat” , translates as “the word” or as “Logos.”  
In Sanskrit or classical Greek the word, “Logos “means more than simply” the word “it means the verb or vibration.
The original meaning of “the word”  is identified with the notion of sound. Ancient symbolism equates  the lion with the solar Logos: the “word” of the sun. Christ is also identified with the title “logos” “ In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God,” from John 1:1 in the Bible. The term refers to a divine principle or “Golden Mean” within man himself, whereby he lives according to his nature. I feel the link with this and the power of sound healing in bringing us back to our true nature.

I am looking forward to being back in the UK and catching up with family and friends. Sooo looking forward to seeing my beloved children and step-children. I also looking forward to doing some crystal sound workshops.  I’ll go where I’m invited and currently we are arranging workshops in London Glastonbury and possibly Oxford. 

Now I must go back to my packing of my possessions into boxes (sigh…) as I prepare to leave the lovely flat that has been my home for the last 20 months. I’m being called to  hold strongly the qualities of TRUST and SURRENDER as I move out of my comfort zone into not knowing exactly what’s next for me.  When I see things as an adventure and do what’s in front of me and stay present and in the now I am open to infinite possibilities and  there is peace and life seem to flow. When I contract into needing to know and go into fear everything contracts and I am left in panic. Sometimes I remember and sometimes I forget;  I’m getting better at remembering.


Today in Hout bay as I walked on the pier I was so thrilled to see a southern right whale close to the shore- this is what I saw, thanks to Olivia Gibb, Photographer extraordinaire.

Much love and blessings


Some musings on living almost 3 years in Cape Town