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The more I work with sound, as a holistic health practitioner, the more Forgiveness becomes a very important focus. Forgiveness is a big key in the evolution of humanity. It is certainly not always the easiest thing to achieve and we may be in constant process and learning about it. The crystal bowls I work with are programmed for the highest healing of all in the listening field.
Forgiveness or acceptance  is a huge part of the dedications.

Working with many clients over the years, I have found  that there is often fundamental misunderstanding as to what forgiveness is. Sometimes a person is unwilling to let go and forgive the other because that seems to them like condoning the behaviour and even possibly opening themselves up to further abuse.



Firstly it is very important to distinguish between the person and a behaviour that may be extremely destructive and hurtful. We can acknowledge that the behaviour is harmful, evil, destructive and that it has serious consequences. Forgiveness does not mean we are opening ourselves up to further abuse or violation. In fact as we clear and cleanse our field (our minds and hearts) we become actually far better at our own protection and self-care. I have worked with clients, who after forgiving someone on the inside and releasing the pain, grief, rage, anger and need for revenge have made decisions that far better take care of themselves. Some times this may actually mean setting up very strong boundaries on the outside that were not there before they did the forgivness/ acceptance work.

I read a remarkable book a few months ago, Forgiving the unforgivable, by Master Charles Cannon and Will Wilkinson. See

In November of 2008, Pakistani Muslim terrorists attacked Mumbai. One of their targets, the 5-Star Oberoi Hotel, was where Master Charles Cannon, and twenty-four of his international Synchronicity associates were staying. During the ensuing 45-hour siege, four in the group were wounded and two long time members, Alan Scherr and his daughter Naomi were killed. The group chose to respond to hatred, violence and ignorance with Love. Their holistic life style and meditation practice empowered them to collectively have this compassionate response and inspired many people around the world.While I faced an assault and extremely challenging circumstances recently, it was a if by grace that this book and the powerful words and message from Master Charles was with me, during my ordeal, where I was held at knife point by 4 men. I really deeply felt myself as a Sacred being and although terrified, I was also calm, in a yin and quiet space. I knew they did not who they were or what they were doing but I “saw” them, even though they themselves did not know their true nature.

Judith Thompson, a social healer and longtime peace worker, speaks of  indigenous people’s seeing Justice as Healing, and Healing as Justice. Research director, of the Native american law centre in Canada, James Youngblood Henderson says, ” Most aboriginal people have never understood the exotic passion of Eurocentric (western) society for labelling people criminals and making them suffer, To indigenous people the western approach to justice is intolerant of human frailties and justifies a theory of social control by violence.”

Peace making circles in the US and around the world create a paradigm shift away from retributive justice to restorative justice, moving from coercion to healing, moving from solely individual accountability to individual and collective accountability. The greater system is implicated and looked at, not just the individual.  Recognising how interconnected we all are, the community is key. Moving from a primary dependence on external structures like the state or laws to a greater self reliance within a caring community and for the community to self-regulate itself.

It moves Justice from getting even to getting well,

recognising that life is built on relationships and it is relationships that must be repaired. So much violence and wounding comes from unhealed previous wounding occurring in cycles- intergenerational traumas, poverty, wars and huge unhealed legacies of pain and suffering. Ancient traumas becoming locked in the DNA need creative and love-orientated tools to shift them.

It may be easier to label a person as a monster, evil, bad and wrong. But that does not recognise and forgets our basic goodness., the basic goodness of humanity and the Sacredness of all Life. The fact that we are sacred beings. The perpetrator of violence most likely has unhealed wounding and is actually being and doing what is congruent to them at the time and at their stage of evolution. This does not mean they will not face the consequences but without the bitter edge of revenge and hatred far greater healing and learning is enabled.

From a place of Oneness and interconnectedness, healing, connecting, deep communication and learning new solutions becomes our priorities rather than retribution and revenge.

Our world is facing so many challenges,  everything we can do to activate love and higher consciousness is essential. Responding to violence with further violence and retribution fuels only further violence for humanity. It is far better to use bad events or situations to create legacies of healing and wellness rather than more fractured communities, and countries full of languishing prisoners in prison cells. Let’s put prisons out of business.

Ho’opono pono from Hawaii is an incredible tool that helps in the process of forgiveness and healing.
In essence it is these clearing, cleansing statements:

I am sorry – Please forgive me –  I forgive you- Thank you –  I love you.

The shorter version is simply:  Thank you and I love you.

See the book written by Joe Vitale and his learning with Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len. It explains the true story of Dr Hew Len, the unusual therapist from Hawaii, who helped heal an entire ward of mentally ill criminals, without seeing any of them. The book reveals his method. It reveals the true cause for everything that happens to you, and how to “clean”  negativity so you can re-connect with the Divine.

The original prayer is :

O Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son as One…
If I, my Family, Relatives and Ancestors, have offended You, Your family, Relatives and Ancestors,
in thoughts, words, deeds and actions
from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness..
Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibration
and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light..
And it is done.

For more information on Ho’ opono pono – See :

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I think of these special words from St Francis of Assisi, 
“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as real strength.”                             Thinking about forgiveness practice in my own life, It really does come down to Acceptance of what is. Often I find the hardest work is releasing small resentments that can creep in day to day living and to keep clearing and cleansing heart, mind and body, For me, a regular meditation practice is essential, spending time in nature and having time away from the non-stop communication and input of the internet. It is good to  remember the violet consuming flame from St Germaine that can be called in to transmute and release all ties of fear and negativity as well as of course calling in the Light and protection of Archangel Michael.

Another incredible tool and gift is Byron Katie’s work, Who would you be without your story?  See  The Work of Byron Katie is an awesome way of identifying and questioning the thoughts  that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world. Very powerful, yet simple and true. Experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, and  allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.  I also recommend watching her in action on Youtube.Here is a website that

The Forgiveness Project uses the real stories of victims and perpetrators to explore concepts of forgiveness, and to encourage people to consider alternatives to resentment, retaliation and revenge. Out of this deep healing work a grace and increased light arises. It was found that the victims in Ruanda through their evolution and increasing wisdom actually began to see the perpetrators of violence as the victims.

People may say, What about the people who are oppressing the masses and destroying the Earth etc etc?  My feeing is the more we focus on love and creating, while at the same time addressing the shadows that come up, the more powerful the forces of Love, transformation and kindness will be. We can then more powerfully be sacred activists assisting much needed planetary healing and transformation.

So lets create the next stage of Heaven on Earth, responding in the highest most creative way to all that is not LOVE.

Peace and Namaste

 Noncedo Crystal Heart

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