13 Days of Prayer

This is my free gift to you which you can download and keep.
This was recorded on June 15th-27th 2018,
please stay with it as it gets better everyday.

(in the beginning I was on a BIG learning curve with technology:))
We are creating a huge resonant field of unconditional love and blessings,
that is ever expanding, timeless, eternal, miraculous and around the globe.

(about 35 minutes every day) SIGN UP BELOW

Join me for 13 days as we practice embodying and activating our daily prayer-meditation, soul, being-alive, love, light practice.  The power and practice of wishing each other well, including  certain  helpful practices I have learned over the years; using sound, voice and music to assist us.  Moving from dissonance to harmony.  Inclusive to all (no denomination or dogma)
 This is a more feminine, gentle approach approach to make prayer and meditation more accessible to everyone. 

Discovering the sanctuary of the Divine within you
and deeply reconnecting with the Divinity of Nature. 

Soul medicine for restoration during  momentous times ...

 A cry from the deep

What if depression, despair, anger, anxiety, loneliness and even physical sickness are gateways or openings into the new.  Portals into opportunity and offering for the world.  When we open into the power of prayer and presence something MORE can enfold, evolve, grow and come into being. There is transformation and evolution.  I will guide us simply and gently, embodying Spirit - Soul, Mind, Body and Emotions into loving. holding presence. 
My intention is to simplify and activate this practice for people in an accessible spacious way.

We are more than this, we can Rise in beauty.
We will activate deeply the Rainbow healing heart ray of light
and send it out into the world.  It's time.

 simple Blessing

Oh my soul where are you?
I am here for you and from this I bring huge gifts for our world. 

Lets restore ourselves and become gifts again for others.
Shifting from what can I get? Fix me ? ... To what can I give ? 
 Love is the only way forward; from this springs endless possibilities,
solutions, cooperation, healing.

Redemption Inspiration Sanctuary

Here is an extract on prayer by the Irish mystic John O Donohue.


'One of the most tender images is the human person at prayer. When the body gathers itself before the Divine, a stillness deepens.  The blaring din of distraction ceases and the deeper tranquility within the heart envelopes the body.  To see someone at prayer is a touching sight. Their prayer reminds us that we are mere guests of the earth, pilgrims who always walk on unsteady ground, carrying in earthen vessels multitudes of longing.

 Everything we are, think, feel and have is a gift. We have received everything, even the opportunity to come to the earth and walk awake in this wondrous universe.  The human body gathered in prayer mirrors our fragility and it makes a statement recognizing the divine generosity that is always blessing us. At the threshold of each moment, the gift of breath and blessing comes across to embrace us.
Prayer helps us to develop the habit of delight. In the silence of our prayer we are able to sense the smile of a joyful God who, despite all the chaos and imperfection, ultimately shelters everything.'

In these 13 days I will guide us into a deepening practice of prayer/ heart meditation, using tools and gentle ways to bring us home and to help deepen this in our every day lives. 

  all life is sacred.

Recovering the sacred body of ourselves and our inner and outer landscapes.  Reconsecrating ourselves, reconsecrating the land.  Restoring hope and trust. In this deepening presence, we will  dream the world back into being, where the fabric of love is woven tightly, in all the vibrance, intensity and passion of the colours of the rainbow.

In prayer we will hold images of a healed Earth, of us living in health and beauty. We will bring it in with all our senses. We call in with gratitude and respect, the invisible realms, our ancestors, the worlds-within-worlds, beyond-the-beyonds... Going deeply into great MYSTERY and allowing MAGIC and MIRACLES to arise in right timing,  from a place of Tranquility and Peace.

Calling forth Unity, Gentleness, celebrating diversity, seeing humanity gathering in circles in love, as we enter into the Golden age, anchoring higher frequencies remembering that we are all Stars and living from a state of deep REVERENCE.  From this place all is possible.

We then live from NAMASTE, seeing the Divine in all, 
calling forth the best from everyone
we encounter along the way.



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